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Switch and save

Did you know you could halve your energy use – and save hundreds of dollars a year – by switching to LED lighting? It’s time to join the swathes of Sydney homes and businesses upgrading to energy-efficient lighting.


LEDs last longer

Sick of changing light bulbs? Here’s some good news – LED lights can last more than 20 times longer than incandescent globes. That means up to 50,000 hours before replacing your LEDs.



Only 20% of the energy generated by normal bulbs is used to light up a room. And around 80% is spent creating heat. That’s a lot of wasted power! LEDs are far more efficient – just 20% heat loss and far less energy needed to create the same amount of brightness.


Safe as houses

LED lights are safe, staying cooler for longer since they don’t have to make a lot of heat to create light. They’re also durable and less likely to break, and are entirely mercury-free.

ledupgrades-iconSwitch and save

The sooner you switch, the sooner you’ll save. But bear in mind that not all LED lights are made the same. So you need expert advice to get quality globes that last as long as possible.

Our qualified Master Electricians are available across Sydney, and can come to your home or office to carry out a lighting assessment. We’ll work out how you can save money and energy – and show you how to get the most from your new LED lighting design.